The EVERFALL Interview

Jayme Woj discusses everfall and all things maybesoon!

Can you tell us a little about maybesoon?

Maybesoon is a collaboration between myself and producer Alan Bukowiecki. We are currently creating a series of singles and music videos that fuse electronic music with body paint and new emerging technologies to give our fans unique audiovisual experiences.

What is the story behind all the face and body paint?

The face paint was just something that kind of happened organically. When we were brainstorming ideas for the virtual reality experience for our first single, at some point the idea of using blacklight technology and neon body paint was thrown around. It was an idea we added just a couple days before shooting and the moment we put on the facepaint it just felt right. It’s also a way for me to stay true to myself creatively. I am not an artist that typically draws from my own experience and I don’t want maybesoon to be about me as an individual. I have always been more interested in observing the experiences of others and sharing their stories through my art. I want maybesoon to be an entity that encompesses everyone whose work and stories contribute to the music and the journey.  

Why the focus on releasing singles over releasing a traditional album?

I’m not a very patient man. Ha. The idea of recording songs and not being able to release them for many months in order to have enough material for a full album sound torturous to me. I like to work quickly and very intensely and then be able to move on to the next project. And at this point Alan and I are in complete control, so we are just doing what feels right for us.  

I make audiovisuals because music has always been much more than an auditory experience for me. For me, music and the visual arts go hand in hand. That is why I have used music as a central part of all my artistic pursuits: as an actor, as a stunt performer, as a visual artist, as a filmmaker, as a writer. I find art to be the most expressive and cathartic when it evokes as many of the senses as possible.  

What made you and Alan want to collaborate?

Maybesoon represents the best of each of us and a balance of opposing forces. Alan began his career as a dueling pianist being able to rock out every top 100 hit on command. My artistic roots began in experimental physical theatre and visual art, where my biggest influence were avant garde audiovisual artists like Bjork. My motto has always been the weirder the better, and I definitely get carried away. Alan’s love of mainstream music and my obsession with experimental sounds and beats creates what I feel to be the perfect balance for creating music that is relatable, yet fully our own. The thing that connects us is our love of the theatrical. Alan draws on his experience as a Broadway musician and I draw on my experience as an actor and stunt performer in Hollywood. We both want to tell a story with our music and the more theatrical the better.  

Where did the name, “maybesoon” come from?

For the first few months we began collaborating, I became quite obsessed with writing lyrics; writing lyrics for multiple songs a day. At one point I began reading back through them and realized that there was one lyric that seemed to keep popping up. So, that became the name, but experimental me needed it to be a bit more avant garde so we took out the space between the words.  

What was the inspiration for your new single, everfall?

Everfall was written during a time when I experienced the loss of multiple family members and close friends in quick succession. I wrote the lyrics about the struggles those closest to me were experiencing as we were all forced to navigate and cope with the loss of our loved ones. Writing the lyrics was really my way of trying to make sense of all the different ways the people around me were processing their grief. I never intended to actually put it to music. A few months later I began acting in a film about a couple caught in limbo after a house fire. I played a character that was helping his lover move through the stages of grief. Working on the film was a very healing experience for me. I also often read through the lyrics to connect with the character throughout filming. After we finished the film I wanted to honor both the loved ones I lost and the character I played that helped me cope, so Alan and I put the lyrics to music.

You look quite messy in the teasers for the everfall music video. Whose idea was it to smother you in paint?

Ha. It was definitely messier than I was expecting it to be, and it was 100% my idea. When my family and friends talked to me about their grief, they often explained the feeling as if they were drowning or being smothered. I wanted to bring that feeling to the video. I also wanted to show the transformation a person goes through as they work through their grief, and how at the end of the journey there is often a person that emerges who is even messier and more vulnerable.   

What was the best part of filming the everfall music video?

My favorite part of shooting the music video was definitely the paint being dumped over my head. We only had enough time and paint to do one take and I had no idea what it was going to feel like. There is a moment in the music video where you see mouth wince as the paint is running down my face. This was an involuntary reaction to the paint actually beginning to suffocate me. The paint was going up my nose and going into my mouth and I was forced to hold my breath. My eyes were closed and I had no idea how much longer we needed to film for. All I knew was that there was no way I was going to stop the camera until we got what we needed. Ha. It was incredibly uncomfortable BUT also incredibly poetic and rewarding when I saw the footage.  

What’s next for maybesoon?

We are working on more music and audiovisuals to release throughout the next year. Beyond that we are letting things flow in whatever direction things take us. Maybesoon is really a passion project for us and we have no interest in putting expectations on it. Our goal is to create the best music and audiovisuals we can, and to learn and grow on the way. However that happens to manifests is the direction maybesoon will move in.

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